Real Japanese Restaurant in Milan

Why I create this log…

We Japanese are shy. But on the other hand, we are proud of our culture been treated as interesting culture to see. We are happy that Japanese cuisine restaurant became popular among the world. And we are happy to see soy sauce even in country-side supermarket.

But I still don’t understand, why so many Italians or European people go to “fake” Japanese restaurant. Especially Italians, aren’t you proud of your taste and tongue?? I’m doubting the tongue of the people who go “fake” and satisfy.

I understand local people who studied the Japanese cuisine, and open in their home town. Even its taste is localized, this is fine. At least, there is a respect to Japanese culture.

What I really hate is so many Chinese or Korean open Japanese restaurant but never studied in Japan, or even never been there. I want to ask to those people. Why are you in Europe and serving the foods which is not your origin? Where is your pride? There is no respect to our culture. Moreover, they are just “culture thief”.

Back to the title, the number of Japanese restaurants increased in these days in Milano. But unfortunately, even the taste is real, quite many restaurants disappeared in quick. Like Izakaya Sampei, Ryukishin, Niko-Niko Ramen, …etc. Those restaurants all had a wonderful taste, but unfortunately closed right now.

I would like to introduce in those 8 areas.

  • Milano Centrale / Central Station area
  • Duomo area
  • Brela area
  • Moscova area
  • Porta Venezia area
  • Porta Genova, Naviglio area
  • Milano East
  • Milano West
  • Others

Milano Centrale / Central Station area

Sagami Milano

Piazza Duca d’Aosta 10, 20124 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 6698 6117
Open: 11:00-24:00
No closure day

Recommend: 5stars, Taste real Nagoya food.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Clean and quite big restaurant,
Budget: 20-40EUR/person

Sagami is a chain restaurant in Japan, which serves you basically Soba noodles. It is widely known in Japan, especially in Nagoya area. So main dishes in here are noodles, but not Ramen, or Donburi (Bowls) served fish or meat on the rice.

In here, they also highlights Nagoya style foods.

Especially Miso sauce on the cutlet. This miso is sweet one, which is not same one of miso soup. As the cheese culture in Europe, we have different kind of miso.

I recommend Sagami since the location is in front of Milano Centrale. And also it opens without break after lunch. So whole afternoon, you have chance to eat Japanese food at Milano Centrale station!!

Tomoyoshi Endo

Via Vittor Pisani 13, 20124 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 6698 6117
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:30 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Very typical Japanese restaurant.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Quite and calm,
Budget: 40-80EUR/person

Very typical Japanese restaurant which be said as “older” restaurant from recent many new Japanese restaurants. The taste is of course great, all Japanese foods are typical Japanese foods. Sushi, Teishoku, etc. There is also lunch menu.

It seems another restaurant exist in near Metro station De Angeli, but we’ve never been there.

Duomo area


Via Santa Radegonda, 16, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 3674 6846
Open time: Everyday 11:30-21:00
Closed: None (Not sure about holidays or summertime)

Recommend: 3star, the closest Japanese food in the center.
Atmosphere: 2star, inside is clean but no place to sit. This is street food style.
Budget: 10-30EUR/person

Milano street Japanese food just next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. There are tables to eat with standing, but no seats to sit inside.

Even with standing-up-eating, it is not serving Udon or Soba which is common in Japan. As the name “Musubi” shows, rice balls (Omusubi) or Donburi-bowl style foods. In these days you can find rice balls in North-Italian Supermarket (such as Esselunga), but the taste here is much better and real with steaming hot.

Taste is nice, real Japanese one. We go here when we want to eat the fresh rice, but some menus are not the one as we know. (Like Makunouchi-Bento is not like that.) However, to eat the street food style in Milano, I would suggest to go Luini or Spontini which is closer here. You will sure have the good memory to visit Milano even to stay in long queue for such street food.


Via Gastone Pisoni, 1, 20121 Milano MI
TEL:+39 (0)2 6231 2645
Open time: Lunch 12:30-14:30 / Dinner 19:30-23:00
Closed: Sunday Lunch

Recommend: No rates, we’ve never been there.
Atmosphere: No rates.

“NOBU” is famous restaurant among the world, as the restaurant of chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. This Milano one is owned with Armani, and it locates in Armani building at Via Monte Napoleone. As you know, famous Via Monte Napoleone as high class brand street, so the restaurant also has expensive atmosphere.

We would like to go once, only with two of us…

Basara (Corso Italia)

Corso Italia 6, 20122 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 7202 0141
Open time: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 18:30-24:30
Closed: Saturday and Sunday lunch

Recommend: No rates, we’ve never been there.
Atmosphere: No rates.

The restaurant in the Porta Genova area also placed the new restaurant here in center. We need to check it…

Brela area

Tokyo Grill

Via Fiori Oscuri 3, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 8909 2635
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:45 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Monday

Recommend: 5stars, Fantastic Yakiniku restaurant, and also other menu like sushi are bravissimo.
Atmosphere: 5stars, You can feel Japanese style matching with Italian gorgeous atmosphere.
Budget: 40-70EUR/person

This is highly recommend. After several years I stayed in Milano, Finally Milano got the real-“frequentable” Yakiniku restaurant. Fantastic beefs and reasonable price. Also offers Wagyu (Japanese Beef) which is very yummy.

The restaurant name “Grill” looks like it is only serving Yakiniku, but indeed you can eat very good sushi and wonderful curry. Sushi is wonderful as well. I prefer Beef Curry, which is very meat taste curry.

English is available, though you will order through the tablet(iPad) on the table so no need to worry about the language. The owner is Italian, really friendly guy.

The owner told and showed us that they have seats in the basement where they will serve Teppanyaki. Reserve must be needed, which is very suitable for business scene to taste good Japanese food.

Sushi B

Via Fiori Chiari 1A, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 8909 2640
Open: Lunch 12:30-14:30 / Dinner 19:30-23:30
Closed: Monday, Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Fantastic Sushi!!
Atmosphere: 5stars, Very beautiful restaurant.
Budget: 50-100EUR/person

As the name shows, this restaurant serves Sushi as main. They also serve Una-jyu (Eal bowl) and Tempura, which are set as expensive cuisine in Japan. So the cost is also good, but they really serves wonderful tastes. It is also listed in Michelin guide.

Also there is aperitivo style bar, you can enjoy it from 19pm to 24.30.

Moscova area

In this Moscova area, there are bunch of Japanese restaurant. It’s just walking distance from Brela, I would suggest you to take a look.

Ristorante Osaka

Corso Garibaldi 68, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 2906 0678
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Monday (at May 2018. Before it was 365days available….)

Recommend: 5stars, Menu is wide and all dishes are delicious.
Atmosphere: 4stars, It’s clean but not so big, limited seats.
Budget: 30-70EUR/person

Talking about Milano Japanese restaurant, you can’t miss this Ristorante Osaka. Very well-known with long history(20years).

Japanese restaurant which started in recent is a bit expensive and one side it is localized for the taste or the atmosphere. This restaurant is serving real Japanese cuisine, no fusion menus. So even you ordered anything, the taste you can say it is same as you eat in Japan.

The entrance is quite hard to find from Corso Garibaldi. If you thought, “is it the hotel entrance?”, which means you are correct. In the end of small corridor, you will find the entrance on the left.

Ramen Misoya Milano

Via Solferino 41, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 8352 1945
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Monday

Recommend: 5stars, The most delicious Ramen in Europe, I will say.
Atmosphere: 4stars, It’s clean but too simple. That might be the reason that Italians don’t come.
Budget: 15-30EUR/person

I dare say, the reason I try to write down this blog is I wanted to introduce this restaurant. The Chashu Pork (Stewed Pork) is so much delicious which you can’t find even in Japan. Very real Japanese Ramen taste with Miso style. If you haven’t come to this restaurant and talk about Ramen in the other restaurant on same Via Solferino, you sure have a bad taste sense with f**king know-it-all guy.

In this restaurant, you can select the Miso-Ramen with Hokkaido taste or Tokyo taste. Hokkaido is the typical Miso-Ramen in Japan, which fits with butter and corns. Tokyo one is more tasty, more near like Tonkotsu ramen with seaweed inside. Time to time I prefer either of those. There is also Vegetarian Ramen, and this is also delicious.

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the restaurant filled up as “pieno”. This might be because of simple and plain restaurant look, and in the same street there is another Zaza ramen which is more localized fancy looking restaurant only serving half-real Ramen. Even though among so many real Japanese restaurant, I fully recommend this Ramen restaurant. Inside you have 30-40seats so I’m sure you can sit there.


Via Varese 1, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 9147 1595
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:45 / Dinner 19:00-23:30
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Every time we wonder to go here or Osaka or Misoya.
Atmosphere: 4stars, It’s clean and simple. But small restaurant which already filled the seats up with reservations.
Budget: 30-60EUR/person

The street is Via Varese, but it is just opposite place of Ristorante Osaka from Metro-Moscova. During Ristorante Osaka is the typical high class Japanese restaurant in overseas, this Sumire is more Izakaya (Trattoria) style. Price is a bit cheaper. I really like this Chirashi-sushi and sometimes desires it.


Via San Fermo 1, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 3679 9710
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 19:00-22:30
Closed: Sunday all day, Monday Lunch

Recommend: 5stars, OK, taste is good.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Very clean Yakiniku restaurant.
Budget: 100-150EUR/person

Here… soooooooo expensive Yakiniku restaurant. Compares to local Italian cuisine, the most of the Japanese restaurants are expensive. It sure does because the chef came from Japan and studied hard in Japan. And a bunch of seasonings are specially imported (The cuisine is not only made by Shoyu / Soy Sauce). Also if you treat raw fish, you need to have disposal a quite often. But this Yazawa…. too much expensive, more than necessary. This price selects the customer.

The taste is great, of course. They use Wagyu (Japanese Beef). However, to broadcast the Wagyu to the world, I’m wondering why they don’t do with Teppanyaki style. Yakiniku in Japan is not such gorgeous, you eat the meat more easy and many. It’s like Nabe (Pot) style that the family or friends surround and enjoy with chattings and eatings many different part of meat.

Please understand this is only my feeling. Please go there and feel by yourself. Though, for me I will go to great Fiorentina restaurant in Milano rather than to go here.


Via Montebello 14, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 659 7870
Open: Lunch 12:30-15:00 / Dinner 19:00-23:30
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: No rates, I need to go there again.
Atmosphere: No rates, but a bit simple restaurant.
Budget: 20-40EUR/person

In between Moscova and Brela. I also went once in the past, so I can’t explain in detail. Though the price is reasonable with very home made style Japanese food they serves.

Porta Venezia area


Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 17, 20129 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 2940 6797 (Reservation not available)
Open: Lunch 11:30-14:00 / Dinner 18:00-21:30
Closed: Sunday all day and Monday lunch

Recommend: No rates.
Atmosphere: No rates.

The Legend of Japanese restaurant in Milano, opened in 1977. Poporoya itself is Sushi-bar, and on the opposite side of the street, there is Shiro Poporoya. Even I said “the Legend”, I’ve never been there… I need to go and taste it.

Shiro Poporoya

Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 20, 20129 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 2951 2635
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:30 / Dinner 19:30-23:00
Closed: Sunday all day, Wednesday lunch

Recommend: 4stars, Sure many Japanese goes there in the past.
Atmosphere: 4stars, Typical old Japanese restaurant. You can feel traditional style there.
Budget: 30-60EUR/person

We often can’t go in the time, so mostly we make reservations to come. Sushi is nice, but I prefer menu style in this restaurant.

Sol Levante

Via Lambro 11, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 4547 6502
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:30 / Dinner 19:00-22:30
Closed: Sunday all day, Monday and Saturday lunch

Recommend: No rates.
Atmosphere: No rates.

I opens in 2016, and quite in discussed among Japanese people who lives in Milan. My wife really liked the this sushi with reasonable price, and frequent to here. But unfortunately the chef resigned and the restaurant closed temporary. Now looks started again, but we haven’t visited there.


Via Melzo 12, 20129 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 4547 6502
Open: Monday-Thursday 19:00-25:00 / Friday and Saturday 19:00-26:00
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Italian bar style, but the Japanese food is really nice.
Atmosphere: 4stars, It’s my prefer but noisy. The restaurant has big space and unique wallpapers.
Budget: 20-50EUR/person

Our friend is doing the chef, who was working in Ristorante Gong and other restaurants. Personally I’d like to support her.

It is more fusion cuisine based on typical Japanese menus. But all the menu are tasteful. The restaurant was to open for more drinking time after 23pm but in recently became popular from it’s food taste so very crowded in dinner time.

Porta Genova, Naviglio area

Basara (Via Tortona)

Via Tortona 12, 20144 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 8324 1025
Open: Breakfast-Lunch 7:30-15:00 / Dinner 19:00-24:30  (Saturday starts from 8:30)
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Fantastic Sushi.
Atmosphere: 4stars, It is beautiful, but limited space.
Budget: 50-80EUR/person

We prefer here the Sushi rather than any other restaurant in Milan. Also there is a restaurant in Duomo area, but I’ve never been there. They are also opening in Venice and Sardegna Porto Cervo.

Omacasé Sushiteca

Via Tortona 12, 20144 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 5810 2233
Open: Lunch 12:30-15:00 / Dinner 18:00-23:00  (Only Saturday and Sunday for the lunch.)
Closed: Monday

Recommend: 5stars, The cuisine tried to use fish mainly.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Cute cat curtain in the entrance will welcome you.
Budget: 50-80EUR/person

It used to be in Moscova until some years ago, and now moved to Porta Venezia area. I really liked when it was in Moscova, and missed when it disappeared. Though, it still exists!

The cuisine is only with fish cooked. Of course, Sushi available but other cooked cuisine is also highly recommended. The dinner starts from 18pm, which is wonderful for people from abroad which surprised about Italian restaurant time.


Via Vigevano 18, 20144 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 8088 9868
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 18:00-24:00 (Last Order 23:00)
Shop opens from 9:00am
No closure day

Recommend: 5stars, The cuisine is fancy, and like you eat in Japan.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Both you can eat inside and outside.
Budget: 40-70EUR/person

This Tenoha is mainly share office, but also has shop, bar and restaurant.
The taste really nice.


Via Savona 15, 20144 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 3943 4027
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
No closure day

Recommend: 5stars, Real Kansai style Okonomiyaki.
Atmosphere: 3stars, Street food so the inside is small.
Budget: 10-30EUR/person

The dedicated restaurant for Kansai style Okonomiyaki.
Okonomiyaki is like Japanese pizza with sauce and mayonaise.
This restaurant is very small, and quite crowded in the night.

Also they are expanding the shops to…

Via Cagnola 4 (Close to Sempione, you maybe can walk from Moscova)
Via Jacopo dal Verme 16 (In Isola, close to Porta Garibaldi station)

Milano East


Via Pietro Calvi 2, 20129 Milano MI
TEL: +39 (0)2 7602 3197
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:30 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Thursday Lunch (Also Monday Dinner from March 2018)

Recommend: 4stars, Good ramen as well.
Atmosphere: 4stars, Very clean, but here is also not new restaurant.
Budget: 30-60EUR/person

This restaurant locates in between Milano Dateo station and Milano Conservatorio.

Also this restaurant is quite historical in these days. They serves you from Ramen, Domburi, Izakaya style food, anything.

Only Sushi is not available, which I really like this strategy. Sushi is only one of Japanese cuisine, this restaurant is the true Japanese restaurant I think.


No website page

Viale Piceno 4, 20129 Milano MI
TEL: +39 (0)2 8088 9642
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:30 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Monday

Recommend: 4stars, Good taste, and 25EUR all you can eat is so cheap!!
Atmosphere: 4stars, Quite historical place now.
Budget: 25-40EUR/person

Located in south of Milano Dateo station.

This is the only all you can eat I can recommend. The chef anyway studied Japanese cuisine, and the old lady also speaks Japanese.

This is wonderful because with all you can eat style!! The tasted kept real Japanese, but also adopted all you can eat style.

Also there is another restaurant closer to Moscova, in Piazzale Antonio Baiamonti 2. But we’ve never been there honestly.


Corso di Porta Romana, 107, 20122 Milano MI
TEL: +39 (0)2 5411 8906
Open: Lunch 12:30-14:30 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Best Tonkatsu-cutlet in Milano!
Atmosphere: 5stars, Not big restaurant but nice Japanese style.
Budget: 20-50EUR/person

Actually, location is south east of Milano, in Porta Romana area.

I think this is the latest one I’ve heard right now (as of July 2017). But already have quite good evaluation from Japanese.

This logo and name are coming from Coedo Beer Brewery, in Kawagoe which was called Ko-Edo (small Edo) in the past. The owner is coming from Kawagoe and had contacted with this Brewery.

Of course, you can taste all Coedo beers like Pilsner, IPA, Ale, etc. The people who likes beer should come here once to taste even beer.

The restaurant is Ramen, Curry and Tonkatsu main. Tonkatsu in here is wonderful taste, with thick pork meat. Also dessert is also nice food.

Since the location is south east Milano, if you plan to come from Firenze/Florence or Roma/Rome, then you should get out of the train at Milano Rogoredo. This is more better to reach here than via Milano Centrale.

Milano West


Via Trivulzio 16, 20146 Milano MI
TEL: +39 (0)2 4007 3383 (No reservation is possible)
Open: Lunch 12:00-16:00 / Dinner 19:00-24:00
Closed: Monday, and every last Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, The best sushi place for me.
Atmosphere: 4stars, Narrow place.
Budget: 30-70EUR/person

Located in between De Angeli station and Gambara station. This is quite many Japanese are living there, since it is close to Japanese school.

This was the best Japanese restaurant in Milano for me. The best sushi you can eat, and also Ramen, Izakaya menu, Shochu and Sake are wonderful. Even if you locate in outside of Milano, it is close to Round way and highway, so easier to come by car.


Via Montecuccoli 8, 20147 Milano MI
TEL: +39 (0)2 4154 0047
Open: Lunch 12:00-14:00 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday and Holidays

Recommend: 5stars, Great home cooking cuisine.
Atmosphere: 4stars, I remember not so big.
Budget: 20-60EUR/person

Another west side from Bande Nere station, close to Primaticcio station.

I like this place, from very home made taste. There is sushi, but normal cuisine is the one I suggest.

Only it is not close to touristic spots.


In here, I would like to explain a bit localized  ここでは、少し現地化が進んだ和食や、ちょっとした食べ物を。


Corso Concordia 8, 20129 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 7602 3873
Open: Lunch 12:30-14:30 / Dinner 19:30-23:40
Closed: Monday Lunch

Recommend: 5stars, Great cooking fusion restaurant.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Moody atmosphere.
Budget: 60-120EUR/person

This is not real Japanese food, but Asian fusion based with Japanese cuisine. Previous chief chef was Japanese, and traveling around Europe. It’s quite expensive, but sure you will like this taste.

It is closer to Nozomi, east side of Milano.

Finger’s / Finger’s Garden

Finger’s / Via San Gerolamo Emiliani 2, 20135 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 5412 2675
Open: Dinner 20:00-24:00
Closed: Monday

Finger’s Garden / Via Giovanni Keplero 2, 20124 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 606 544
Open: Dinner 20:00-23:00
Closed: Sunday

Recommend: 5stars, Great cooking fusion restaurant.
Atmosphere: 5stars, If you are lucky, you can meet with Football players.
Budget: 60-120EUR/person

The owner is Japanese Brazilian, and Clarence Seedorf (ex. Netherland national football team.), So you can see Seedorf or famous football players.

Now already has restaurant in Sardegna, Roma, and France. My friend who was chef in here went to Roma.

Finger’s located in Porta Romana, south east Milano. Finger’s Gardens located in west of Milano Centrale station.

Zaza Ramen

Via Solferino 48, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: +39 (0)2 3679 9000
Open: Lunch 12:00~15:00 / Dinner 19:00-23:00
No closing day

Recommend: 1stars, Localized Ramen restaurant, some people will like it.
Atmosphere: 5stars, Many Italians.
Budget: 20-40EUR/person

Quite popular among local Italians.

Honestly, the taste is not real Japanese. Here locates just in front of Misoya, which I really love, so it’s a pity so many Italians doesn’t select Misoya and select here.

La Ravioleria Sarpi

Via Paolo Sarpi 27, 20121 Milano (MI)
TEL: Nothing
Open: Lunch 10:00~15:00 / Dinner 16:00-22:00
No closing day

Recommend: 5stars, Localized Ramen restaurant, some people will like it.
Atmosphere: Not the restaurant, but long queue.
Budget: 2-8EUR/person

It is not real Japanese restaurant, but this baozi reminds us same taste what we can eat in Japan. It’s a street food with 2euro, so I often buys 8 or 10pz when I go China Town, Paolo Sarpi.

It is located in Chinatown, close to Moscova.

At the end…

Even this time, I couldn’t write down all. Like Iyo, Yuzu, Sakeya, Casa Ramen, Tatsu Ramen, etc. Also beside Milano, there are Yoji and Kokoro in Sesto San Giovanni. Also Taeko Ramen in Varese.

Today, these are the information I have. If I had updates, let me come back to you.

Please, make an attention on “Vera giapponese”.


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